Dear Friend and Supporter,

Thank you for your interest in the Indian Jewish Heritage.

Through this website that we have labored to create with the finest taste possible, we hope to capture and present you a rich and colorful tapestry of a heritage that is steadily fading with the sands of time.

But along with the past that we hope to capture, digitally preserve and offer to all viewers and researchers, we hope to reach the second – third, future children and generations of Indian Jews who will one day question their identity and their past. We believe that in order to prepare for the future with honor, one should recognize and acknowledge his past.

Below are a number of our projects during 2014:

Plaques at entrances of Historical sites of Indian Jews in India. This includes religious buildings, cemeteries, hospitals, schools and others. The project is in cooperation with Marian Sopher, Jay Waronker and the Indian Embassy in Israel. The plaques will have a QR code that will link the viewer to where all information of the site will be available, including history, photographs, video clips etc.

Information and Tourist Booklet of all the Indian Jewish sites, information, maps with directions, etc. In cooperation with the Indian Embassy in Israel.

Personal Computers (20) were donated to individuals of the Bnei Menashe community in Afula and Migdal Haemek. In collaboration with the non-profit organization – "Machshava Tova", Jerusalem.

Another 40 Personal Computers in December 2014 for the above community in collaboration with Machshava Tova.

Basic Personal Computer Courses offered free in Afula for the Bnei Menashe community. In collaboration with the Ministry of Absorption, Afula Municipality.

Organized Tour to India for Injured Soldiers of "Tsuk Eitan". The tour is sponsored by Friends of the organization "Beit HaLochem". The IJHC will assist in organizing the tour program including trips to the Indian Jewish sites.

Pesach Gifts to 20 needy children from "Atid" Kfar Hanoar Yohana Jabotinsky, Beer Yaacov.

Accounting – we have completed the Trial Balance for the financial years 2010 – 2013. In the near future we will be presenting the official report to Israel Ministry of Justice and the Israeli Corporations Authority in order to attain a permit for Nihul Takin (Proper Management). We function in total transparency and our books are open to inspection. For all those interested please coordinate your request in advance.

We have a wonderful core group of about twenty persons who dedicate their time, energy, professional capabilities, individual talents and especially their unending love to a purpose that they see as historically positive. Donations are basically raised from this group and a lot of wonderful members, friends and supporters who share a responsibility for the Indian Jewish Heritage.

We continuously welcome new friends and supporters, your cooperation and donations.


Avner Isaac
November 2014

avner isaac

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