In a land where empires rose, flourished and collapsed, dynasties rose in authority and vanished, yet the Jews of India continued to lead a life unmolested by religious bigotry.

The Indian Jewish Heritage Center was formed with the noble task of preserving the heritage of all Indian Jews. The Bene Israel community, the Cochin community, the Baghdad community, and the Bnei Menashe community, each have their own unique customs and traditions.

The Indian Jewish Heritage Center is registered as a non-profit organization and the volunteers are striving to preserve the rich heritage of the Indian Jews. Our team is supported by people from all over Israel and the world. We have successfully presented a series of lectures and a number of culturally entertaining events on the different communities. 

We are addressing all well-wishers, organizations, associations, and friends to help support us in this much needed endeavor.

For Donations: 

Mailing address: Indian Jewish Heritage Center, POB 0009, Herzliya 4610001, Israel

Bank Details: Account number 415163, Bank Mizrahi Tefahot(20), Branch 415, Herzliya, Israel

Bank Address: 2 Sokolov Street, Herzliya 4649701, Israel

IBAN: IL94 0204 1500 0000 0415 163


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